Mitsubishi OEM Touch-Up Paint

  • This is factory-issue Mitsubishi touch-up paint. Find your paint code on a plate under the hood (if it's still readable). Paint comes in either a little bottle, or a paint pen. Sorry, you don't get a choice.

    If your paint code is not listed here and your car is an older one, that paint may have been discontinued.

  • SKU#: , , 02889CA, 02889CO, , , , 02889KA, , 02889LA, , , , , 02889QU, , , 02889AP, 02889WE, 02889TA, 02889LI, 02889RA, 02889GR, 02889WI

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

    Category: Miscellaneous Exterior

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